Welcome to Rhapsody’s . . . a coffee house like no other!

Who we are . . .

Rhapsody’s Victorian Coffee House is a themed café that merges gourmet coffee, espresso drinks, loose aromatic teas with freshly made crepes, pastries and desserts with the atmospheric presence of the Victorian era of American history. Creator of Rhapsody’s, Michael Bernier, is a hopeless romantic at heart; a U.S. Air Force Veteran, turned corporate America worker and now a retired entrepreneur bringing enjoyment and sophistication to Norfolk County Massachusetts.

Rhapsody’s Victorian Coffee House’s logo is that of a young woman named Sarah.  Sarah is from Wisconsin, ironically from “Franklin” Wisconsin.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah several years ago during a living history event in Pennsylvania. Living historians are well-studied reenactors whose purpose is to educate the public while dressed and accessorized for the portrayed period.  In either event, it’s a rewarding hobby and it’s a great way to make friends and further our own understanding of the period.   So when I was considering a logo for my newly formed Victorian coffee house, I decided it would be unique and rather special to base it upon a real person; I chose Sarah, she’s both genuine and classy.  I’ve come to respect her as a person and a sincere historian.

Rhapsody's Victorian Coffee House

395 East Central Street, Franklin MA  02038

(508) 440-5324

Would you like to earn a 5% discount?

Rhapsody’s was conceived by observing the human condition. We believe life is about building meaningful relationships with each other. Why not add some aroma therapy to the mix by tantalizing your senses?  While doing so, letting yourself enjoy the moment.  We've observed significant others are often paying more attention to their smart phones and tablets rather than to each other. We'd like to help remedy that!  At Rhapsody’s we’ve decided to incentivize NOT using your cell phones.  We want to give couples the opportunity to each a 5% discount by playing this little game. The rules are quite simple. Simply ask one of our friendly staff for a "J-box". The J-box is a wooden box that can hold at least two normal size cellphones. Your cellphones are placed into the J-box, then placed on the table with you. If the box isn’t opened during the duration of your stay, it will earn you a 5% discount. You can also choose to donate your discount towards the animal rescue.  Are you up for this challenge?

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation are from 6 AM to 2 PM daily until further notice. As a new business to Franklin, we are in uncharted territory so our hours are subject to change.  Our plan is to eventually extend our business hours to 6 PM and we are considering extending our hours to 10 PM on Friday and Saturday.