Did you know?

  • We use vacuum siphon brewing methods and our coffee is immediately transferred to an airpot. At Rhapsody’s, we believe freshly brewed coffee is better coffee. It doesn’t sit in carafes or continuously cook.

  • We use a Yama Tower for our Cold Brew. At Rhapsody’s, our method ensures the cold brew is smooth and never bitter.

  • Our slow drip coffee tower uses melting ice and gravity to brew the smoothest, glacier pure cup of coffee. At Rhapsody’s, the upper chamber is filled with ice every day. It melts and falls drop by drop into the middle chamber filled with the grounds, then slowly filters down into the bottom carafe to give you a premium coffee experience.

  • It takes hours to caramelize the onions used in our savory crepes. At Rhapsody’s, we start this process in the wee hours each morning.

    We do things the hard way and the long way to ensure they’re done the right way. At Rhapsody’s, all of our sauces are homemade. Our crepes are crafted fresh to order. Hey, we even pickle our own onions. You can expect all of that and more during your visit.